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Streamteam offers tailored services according customer’s needs. We have solid experience in the media sector, so it is easy for us to understand customer’s needs and find them cost-effective solutions.

Technical content monitoring

Doubts about the technical functionality with your content? We give you the assurance. We monitor on 24/7/365 basis, if necessary, a service activity on the Internet, as well as antenna and cable networks or other platform. We know how to take consumer’s role and assess the functioning of the services as they are offered. The receiving platform can be iOS, Android, SmartTV, OS X, Windows, Linux or cable / terrestrial digital receiver. We observe and report the status of the service.

If necessary, we monitor using a special monitoring system that alerts experts to carry out the remedial measures or transmit the alarm to the customers partner (SPOC-service).


We offer traditional linear television services as a cloud service, with a light-playout solution, or even a heavy-duty and failsafe automation according customers wish. We act, if necessary, also as a redundancy playout service provider.

Connecting the live-content program is of course possible every day of the year, around the clock. We give you just the right package for you whether it be a single channel or multiple channels.

Material service

Playing out of the content requires careful preparation in order to ensure a good outcome.

We ingest materials, convert them if necessary to the correct format and we store material safely to the agreed place to wait programmed playout or VoD distribution.

Streaming (Internet video delivery)

We work together with our partner Qbrick by offering turnkey solutions for online video distribution. We convert contents to a suitable format and take care of the functionality of the service. Also, we make a file-based on-demand service possible.

For live streaming we have turn-key solution for you, full path from the field to the end-user.

Recording and storage service

Do you want your store your unique event? We store your content professionally recovered and, if necessary, you can leave it to us for safe storage.

We have a reliable storage space for years to come and guarantee the functioning of the recordings in the future.

Satellite service

Onko teillä tarve välittää sisältöä satelliiteista/satelliittiin? Sekään ei ole meille ongelma vaan paremminkin rutiini. Pystymme vastaanottamaan käytännössä kaikki näkyvien satelliittien sisällöt ja välittämään ne jakelukanavaasi.

Vastaanotto live-tapahtumista myös IP-siirroilla ei ole meille ongelma.


Other services:
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