Solid sound production competence

Dubbing operations

Werne is the leading film and video post-synchronising studio in Finland, and also esteemed internationally. Our customers include several well-known international film companies. In addition to actual audio jobs, we also take care of translation and directing and arrange the most competent actors in Finland for our dubbing productions. We offer language versions in several other languages as well, including Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Dutch.

We have also joined the Netflix Post Partner Program (NP3) for  Finnish Language Dubbing.

Audio post production

Using cutting-edge technology, we provide audio post production for films, games, TV shows and commercial films. Our versatile competence covers the dubbing of dialogue, effects, production music, Foley effects and mixing in 5.1 and 7.1 multichannel audio.

Audio design

Depending on the production format, the soundtrack is of undeniable significance in creating atmosphere. The purpose of the soundtrack is to support the artistic vision of your film or game and the development of the dramatic arc. Our audio designers participate in your production the whole way, starting from the pre-production phase, in order to make the soundtrack match the original programme design and to enhance and support the dramatic arc. With tens of years of experience, our designers create a modern soundtrack for you and try to bring up any matters related to other aspects of production in good time.


Sound production:
Jaana Hovinen
+358 4054 70284, jaana.hovinen(at)