State-of-the-art outdoor production

We are a solution-driven and performance-gauging organisation. We have a multifaceted offering of outdoor production vehicles equipped with varying levels of technology. We have units ranging from one-camera remote control to a heavier 24-camera outdoor production vehicle.


Due to extensive equipment selection and our versatile production experience we can offer customised and cost-efficient solutions for your needs. Cost-effectiveness can be tapped in using the modern image transfer connection vehicle’s bonding technology, for example.


Outdoor production:
Kari Tiainen
+358 400 406 162, kari.tiainen(at)

Our outdoor production equipment


12-metre lorry with expansible body. Separate equipment vehicle. 14 workstations, monitoring at each station, and command.

Cameras LDK-8000, image mixer Sony, sound mixer Studer.

Tehnical data (Pdf)


12-metre lorry with expansible body. Separate equipment vehicle. 11 workstations.
Cameras LDX-80, image mixer Sony, sound mixer Digico.

Technical data (Pdf)

UT vehicles 10-15

Six production vehicles, workstations 3+3. Cameras Sony/Panasonic.
Only requires 2 persons to operate.

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UT 16

Manufactured on an enclosed Mercedes-Benz Sprinter body. The equipment is transported in the trailer towed by the vehicle.
Workstations 5, cameras HXC-100, image mixer: Ross Carbonite, sound mixer: Yamaha iO96.

Technical data (Pdf)

Bonding vehicle

The bonding vehicle combines the internet connections of different operators and service providers. In practice, the system combines twenty internet connections into one bandwidth to be used. There can be several connections: 4G, fibre, 450Mhz, Ka-Sat or other available network connections.

The purpose of this heavy bonding system is to guarantee solid operation of the image transfer connection regardless of the conditions.