Streamteam Nordic in brief

Streamteam Nordic Oy is a in Ylivieska established family company, offering technical production services for television broadcasting. Streamteam has done pioneering work in Finland to develop remote steering technology for TV production and image transmission. During recent years, the company has been in charge of TotoTV (horse trotting) channel productions and nation-wide image production of horse racing events.

In spring 2016, we acquired 100% ownership of Tuotantotalo Werne Oy.

Mission & vision

Streamteam is a Finnish family company which has through innovation become one of the largest media producers in Finland. We want to be the technological pioneer in our field, taking cost-effectiveness into account. With reliable and punctual work, we have won the trust of our customers. Our operations are mainly guided by customer satisfaction.

As we combine our operations, we become one of the largest technical production companies in the Nordic countries.

As a group we are a flexible and mobile organisation – we can provide you with TV production solutions for sports and culture events even on short notice.